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Monday, 20 August 2012

Boys and Girls

Promote Marriage Culture in UAE

Ten suggestions to promote marriage culture in UAE for its prosperity

1.                   Every hotel is bound to give 20 % discount for cross cultural marriage, means between European and emirate or vice versa. 
2.                   UAE government should announce a package for those men, those are willing to start marriage life with an divorced or widow emirate.  
3.                   Any one who marry with a disable local girl or disable boy in UAE will be give 100 thousandDurham’s and a furnished house in UAE.
4.                   you can write more suggestion in the comment box below or just e-mail us on

UAE Divorcees
Marriage program for Divorced women in UAE  is very important and we have to welcome financially strong and rich foreigners to come forward and marry with and emiratit women or man so that loneliness and prostitution can be controlled. Marriage program for divorcee and widowed man or women will be a great step, which will be highly appreciated by the local people and International Muslim media.
We all know that life of a divorcee make them psychologically ill and they are not in apposition to take correct decision which make them financially weak and press them towards in wrong prohibited things.
I request the UAE officials to launch marriage program and I am here help these divorcees and want them back to normal life. You can contact me on my number or e-mail for any advice. I urge to the UAE government I have a plan I just need assistance to make it done.
Mrs Sumbul Barkaat

Problems and Solutions to Marry with an Emirati Men / Women

Problems and Solutions to Marry with an Emirati Men / Women

I don’t know why people make things complicated those are easy and enjoyable by nature. UAE was nothing before 70 years back, now when the time has come that people intermingle with emirate man and women, people and the law is creating trouble in these marriages. I as Muslim advise people that carry on marriages with emiratis, they are beneficial not for you but also for the emiratis. Increase local population of UAE and when its done beauty increase in terms of mind and physique and after hundred years when Dubai will not be a free port people will not forget it link Hong Kong or Bangkok, this was the mistake which was done by Honk Kong at that time, I request UAE governemt to make things easies for people who want to marry with emirate, this will bring peace and prosperity and creat togetherness in Dubai and else where.  
Written by
Wajahat Nazeer
IR specialist
Karachi, Pakistan  

Matrimonial service for Emiratis

Matrimonial service for Emiratis

Emirati9 is the only matrimonial service in
Dubai which is launched just after watching online news, which states that girls and boys in United Aran Emirates are changing trend of marriage and the culture of becoming late marriage is widespread in Emirates. Keeping in view the aged women in Emirate, I have launched this service in which we are just welcoming emiratis, so that they find their life partner before getting older and older.

Emirati Girls

Emirati girls are perfect for marriage

Emirati is a word used for the local or nationals of United Arab Emirates. When it comes to marriage in UAE, every one dreams to marry with an emirati girl who is not only rich but also beautiful and have wisdom and power to live in UAE with pride. The ideal age or emirati girl for marriage is hard to calculate because the decision of marriage in emirati homes is taken by different family members, some time it is taken by the father, some time by the mother or some time by the girl itself. No doubt that majority of girls are beautiful, rich and educated, so when it comes to marriage the girls are also very demanding in nature, they usually look forward to handsome Arabic boy, even if a boy from Jordan, provided he is smart and earn handsome amount of Durhams in UAE. Islamic touch is present in every emirati girl which add beauty and charm for emirati boys to get married with one of them. Marriage is an expensive activity, recently government of Abu dhabi has announced a package for marriage in UAE of around 70k Durhams. 
Emirati girls are fun loving and they follow a complete Islamic code in their dress, they wear latest abayas manufactured by best designers in
Dubai. The craze for fashion in emirati girl make them upto date and they keep an eye on every changing fashion trend in Dubai and other arab countries close to the culture and boundary of UAE.

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